What we teach:

Currently, the world is accelerating in Self-Service models, from BI to data science; this seeks to democratize data use. However, it is a great challenge and responsibility for each of the people who work with them. Tools as your decisions and those of the business will be based on these solutions.


We empower people who interact with data to get the most out of it through data visualization.

Mentoring in

a display

of data

We accompany analysts, BI, and analytics teams to design and implement data visualizations resulting from their work and products. To achieve this, we offer 3 types of mentoring:


Virtual meetings of

2 and 4 hours


We will accompany the client solving specific questions about the business and on the subject that he has defined through a video call.


2 hours: $ 170 USD

4 hours: $ 286 USD


Physical meetings 4 and 8 hours


During a visit to a defined place, we will accompany the client by solving specific business questions and on the subject that he has defined.



*The client will cover Travel and per diem.

4 hours: $ 607 USD

8 hours: $ 1.417 USD



4 hours


In this space a team of maximum 10 people will be accompanied, dealing with specific business issues with exercises on real problems.



4 Hours:$ 1.706 USD

Data visualization trainings

We train business people, analysts and technicians to enhance the use of data through visualizations through 5 different courses:



Interacting with data



Applying data to the business



How to view the information



Advanced data visualization



Visualization implementation in DataStudio, Power BI or Tableau

Courses for 10 people from $ 4.5M

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