What do we do:

We create and design the best way to visualize and communicate the value of data; it is not enough to have data, to extract it, to analyze it. The true value of data is generated when business users act; this is where data visualization bridges the gap between data (Statistics, math, software) and business decisions, and this is where we do our work.

Dashboard implementation

Dashboard Design

Dashboard Design

We find the best way to present data and information that responds to specific business needs through co-creation methodologies with the client. This process is made up of:


  • Decision map

  • Display design on paper.

  • Mockups and description of scenarios and interactions

  • Findings Report Data

  • Data quality report

  • Process recommendations and data collection

  • Viewer Recommendations

  • Training Recommendations

We implement data visualization designs in different environments such as:

This process is made up of:

  • Data Visualization Dashboards

  • Deliverable presentation

  • User manual

  • User training

Dashboard implementation


by Dashboard

We support the teams in charge of visualizing the information in different tools to implement the deliverable according to the initial designs. This process is made up of:


  • Live accompaniment with implementers

  • Display adjustment recommendations


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